An audit combines paperwork and legwork. We review the documents submitted by the supplier such as legal classification, quality certificates, organisation chart, and the workforce. We also go to the factory to inspect the supplier’s real scenario including facilities, environment, production capacity and internal quality management to verify that what the supplier claims matches what we see during our visit.

Our inspector goes to the facility where the raw materials are stored to check their colour and shape based on specific customer requirements together with shipping markings, packaging and labels.

This looks at the quality of the initial product when production is less than 10% complete and also at prototypes in some special cases. The purpose is to assess the finished products at the initial stage to ascertain whether they meet quality requirements before mass production begins.

When production is 30-50% complete, our inspector visits the factory to make sure current production status still complies with the initial production procedure and whether there have been any changes in raw materials, the operators, production lines or specifications. We assess whether the modifications meet quality requirements.

This is also called pre-shipment inspection. When production is 100% finished and at least 80% of the products are packed, our inspectors call in at the factory for a random inspection to check the appearance, workforce, function, safety, packaging and barcodes of each product against standards along with quality control procedures and special customer requirements.

We visit the loading site when the trailer arrives, checking the condition of the truck, the container and the pallets, and we monitor the entire loading process until the container is sealed. If there are any potential issues which might endanger the cargo during transport, we tell the buyer and let the customer know while also warning the shipper of the potential risks of disregarding these issues.

Quality Control Inspections
Quality control inspections at various stages of the production process can help you monitor product quality to ensure requirements are being met and to support on-time delivery. HQTS offers in-factory inspections as well as loading supervisions to ensure your products meet requirements. We offer the following types of QC Inspections for China:

Pre-Production Inspections
Pre-Shipment Inspections
During Production Inspections
Piece by Piece Inspections
Container Loading Inspections
Sample Checking
Metal Detection
Loading/Unloading Inspection

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