About Us

We focus on serving vendor audit and product quality control in China all cities, including factory audit, during inspection, Pre-shipment inspection, loading inspection.


Offer substantive and authentic vendor audit and product quality inspection services to our clients in China.



To help our clients to know more about their suppliers (factories) and products in China.

quality control

Our services are known for being professional and reliable, all at a reasonable price. contact us to ensure the quality and safety of your products.

We just show the true condition of suppliers and goods to our clients, without involving any other interests,  welcome our clients and suppliers to supervise and provide any suggestions and opinions, we request to sign the integrity pledge for every audit and inspection.

Quality control service
factory audit, durting inspection, preshipment inspection, loading inspection.

Our QC Network in China

Please send us your requirements, we will response and make the process quick and efficient.

In order to cooperate better, kindly request:

1) Detailed information is offered by customer for a completed checklist, so as to ensure a correct and thorough inspection.
2) An early contact to our company is needed, so better preparation/ proper inspector can be finalized for the inspection.
3) Inspection date at least 2 days before loading/shipment date is suggested , so the product problems found can be corrected before shipment.
4) Time in communication and inspection preparation is needed, and it costs to travel to inspect, so payment prior to inspection will be requested.


Mommon Payment Methods:

A. Bank Transfer
B. Western Union
C. Paypal
D. Workable method



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